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Kyouaku High Character Template

OOC Information

Name: (Insert your first name here ^_^)
Contact: (Whether it be AIM, MSN or Yahoo! just give us the quickest way to contact you.)

General Information

Name: (Since Kyouaku High is set in Japan, use a JAPANESE first and last name, middle name optional.)
Alias: (A street name for your Character, although this is entirely optional. This Alias would be the common name of your Character, rather than their first name.)
Age: (15-19 and can only be older if your Character is a member of the GDU.)
Alliance: (The Gang your Character is allied to and who they work for. This is entirely optional however and your character can be 'Unaffiliated'. Refer to the Gang List on the User Info for information on the current Gangs.)
Profession: (There are so many jobs available in the Slums, the list is endless. However, Unaffiliated Students cannot have a job. You can be anything from a Mechanic to a Fisherman but try to keep the jobs simple. Poverty-ridden Tokyo wouldn't have hotdog vendors would it now? And also, keep in mind the nature of your Gang. For instance, if you're a member of the Kuragari Girls you're 95% likely to be a Prostitute, and if a member of the Hello Kitty Killers you'd almost certainly be a Thief.)

Personal Information

Appearance: (A good two or three paragraphs, the Appearance section should be very detailed to provide us with a vivid picture of your Character. Do everything from eye colour to dress style, but we don't want it simply listed i.e: blue eyes, blonde hair, red fingernails, we want it in a paragraph format. We strongly recommend that you provide an Image and please no Anime/Manga pictures. Also, creating a Candybar Doll on has can also provide some eye candy.)

Personality: (Again, should be two to three detailed paragraphs and not listed. Your Character's personality should be original yet fitting for their Gang or Unaffiliation. We don't want every Character some emotionless, mute assassin and try to think up something original. Remember no Character is perfect, everybody has Positive Traits and Flaws. Perfect Characters won't be accepted.)

History: (For the final time the history section should be around three paragraphs, being very detailed and exploring every corner of your Character's life. Again, no stereotypes please as reading that your Character 'had their parents die, watched their parents die or grew up being abused and battered' is so boring and if you want to use that storyline then fine, but be prepared to give us an impressive History. Try to be original please!)

Family: (Just a short description on your Character's immediate family on their appearance and personality. Should be set out in this format:

Father - Yuichi: ((Description here))

Mother - Ai: ((Description here))

And etc etc.)


Aspiration: (Of course, dreams may seem completely unreachable in the Tokyo Slums, and that's probably true. However, your Character must have had an Aspiration of some sort, or do they still hold that childhood Aspiration? Also give a description as to why this is their Aspiration in life.)

Representational Song: (We all listen to music whilst we RP, so what song by what artist do you believe represents your Character? Just interesting to know ^_^)
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