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Updated Character Profile

Name: (Just a first and surname is all that is required. Remember they are Japanese so names like Bob and Helen aren’t exactly appropriate.)
Age: (Must be 16-17)
Starsign: (Surely you know what this means!)
Report Card: (A – F, optionally choose a + or – or * for top grade As)

History: (Should be quite detailed and a good, lengthy paragraph describing the student’s past from birth, childhood, family life, teen years and exterior events that could be significant in their life. Sure, of course you can be creative here but please don’t cram it full of dramatic sob-story moments to make your character completely messed up. Feel free to make their life not so perfect, because nobody’s is, and if they’ve had a rough time, go ahead, add it in. Just make sure you don’t go a little over the top! And also, forty renditions of Kiriyama, Mitsuko or Nanahara aren’t fun to read! And here’s a tip: the “Little Orphan Annie” history is really over-used, why not be original?)

Appearance: (Eye colour, facial shape, hair colour, hairstyle, height, weight, clothing and posture are all main factors to include. Please make this another detailed paragraph also, and please don’t just make a list i.e: “Blue eyes, green hair, average height” etc etc as that is a complete bore! Be creative but having three eyes and a golfball instead of a nose isn’t exactly acceptable! And please, feel free to make them insanely beautiful or insanely…ugly but bear in mind we don’t want a class full of sex gods: be realistic about it!)

Personality: (Your personality should be faintly moulded on the character’s history, but we don’t mean literally, just have a slight inclination of their personality from their history. Having a good upbringing, strict but caring parents and a nice home isn’t going to make your character seriously messed up, got me? I’m sure you have! Same with appearance, don’t just make one big list. Every character has traits, as well as flaws: bear in mind that nobody, (even me, although I am very close XD JOKE!) is perfect!
Are they loud? Quiet? Loyal to their friends? A loner? A fitness freak? Determined? We want to know these things!)

Family: (Just a brief description about each immediately family member set out in this format:

Father – Yenji ((Description))

Mother – Nona ((Description))

For the description part just include mild facial and body features and some brief sentences about occupation and personality.)

Extra-Curricular Activites (Your character a sports buff? A class councillor? A chess maestro? Just make a list of chosen Extra-Curricular Activities just make sure there isn’t any Nazi Youth League Boys or Crochet Captain…make it realistic, I can’t stress that enough! However, this is optional but in Japanese culture, students are encouraged greatly to do at least one!)

Classroom Behaviour: (A brief paragraph and their attitude, behaviour and effort in the classroom including classwork and homework. It’s always nice to read this as if it’s been written by the teacher ((sensei)) themselves. Are they a complete rebel or a complete teacher’s pet? Go with the character’s personality so don’t make a shy, quiet bookworm a regular teacher-beater XD!)

Chosen Subject: (Just interesting to know what their chosen subject for further school study is and somewhat gives your character more filled out. Please simply choose from the list below:

Expressive Arts
Extended P.E (Gym or Physical Education)
Religious Education
Business Studies

It is essential you choose one as I personally think it defines your character more!)

Classroom Relationships: (Just list each other PC or NPC in the same class that has a strong relationship with your character whether they be best friends, rivals or just plain enemies! Beside each selected PC and NPC have a brief explanation as to why these characters have founded and maintained this relationship. I recommend that you make important relationships AFTER claims as it makes it a lot more easier, but by all means make mutual agreements in the com or outside the com such as AIM or MSN.)
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