Malia (gigahurtz) wrote,

Custom Character: Eri Fujimoto

Name: Eri Fujimoto
Age: 15
Report Card: B+

Appearance: Eri is of average height, slightly smaller then the other girls; she doesn’t stand out because of this at all. She has a slim, trim figure due to her constant training at classical ballet dancing which she does for four hours everyday. Her brown, shiny hair is tied back into a ponytail with a side-fringe that completely covers one eye. While it is polka-straight, when let down (Which only happens when Eri goes to bed) is about shoulder-length. She usually narrows her round, large brown eyes giving her a look of being in a constant bad mood, her defined eyebrows always frowning. Being rather a beautiful girl, her constant cold look never smiles nor does it ever soften. Eri’s cheekbones slim down to form an oval-shaped face and she is not particularly tanned.
Her usual style of dress is to wear a knee-length, 50s style plain black skirt with black ballet pumps. On her torso is a fitting black tank-top along with a long plastic pearl necklace that is wrapped once round and then hangs loosely, a small bracelet to match on her right arm.

Personality: In one word, enigmatic. She doesn’t have anybody close in class and practically no friends she’s so anti-social towards them. Being rather pretty, boys try to warm her up with some flirtatious words which she replies with her monotone, harsh, icy voice. Not wishing to talk to any of her classmates, she is rather stuck-up and thinks she is above them being an extremely brilliant classical ballet dancer. Rather than stay in the playground or the cafeteria, she goes to her house, which so happens to be around the corner, and practises dance. An ambitious and hard-worker, she feels letting people close to her will ultimately lead to her downfall and that relying on others will only let you down sooner or later. Always being a cold-hearted, mysterious girl, most girls in class don’t bother with her anymore since she usually just gives them an icy frown to anything they say. She doesn’t want friends, and she doesn’t miss anything since she’s never had one, but sometimes when she hears the other girls cheerfully talking in their groups and couples, she wishes she was more social to be accepted into their groups without giving some harsh insult to anything they say. Accepting she is a lone wolf by nature, she’s realised that now towards the end of her compulsory education, she is focused on being a world-famous ballet dancer and making friends now would be pointless with so few months to go.

Mother – Ai Fujimoto
Father – Yoshi Fujimoto
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